activists should be THE most POWERful people in the world

There are three things that are stopping activists from having a 100x greater impact. Read more about them below, and see how Goodpoint's "transferable idea" technology solves them all. This is intelligent coordination of the masses, and it is how impact increases.

14k people think that Assault Weapons should be illegal1.6k people think that LA needs to Improve their affordable housing program


Social Media

So many people are saying the same thing in different posts


Transferable ideas funnel users into the same view, building consensus


Social Media

Content is practically vaporized after a week or so


Transferable ideas don't age, giving you unlimited time to build support


Social Media

Liking and reposting has little meaning or accountability


Transferable ideas are specific, capturing true cognitive alignment

The Platform

How it Works


An activist formulates a view

An activist writes their view about an important issue and creates one or more transferable ideas related to it, demonstrating that what they're saying is intelligent.

user creating an argument on goodpoint

People in their audience decide whether they agree

Because the view was created using Goodpoint's transferable-idea technology, when a user agrees, they become part of the virtual crowd that "thinks" the same thing as the activist.

user agreeing with an argument on goodpoint

Anyone can grow the virtual crowd

Because each view is created with transferable ideas, anyone can present the view to their network and help increase the size of the virtual crowd.

user sharing an argument to their network

Anyone in the crowd can propose an action

The power of the crowd associated with any view is that they actually cognitively align with it. That makes them a powerful force, because they are likely to take actions that the view corresponds to.

propose an action for the issue
user creating an argument on goodpointpropose an action for the issue

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User Highlight

I created a transferable idea for a sustainability view of mine and formed a virtual crowd. Now I can propose actions for that group at any time. This changes the balance of power in the world.
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Lisa Geason-Bauer

CEO of a Sustainability consultancy

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